Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learn'd to dance."  ~ Alexander Pope

"Gervase Phinn? Gervase Phinn? Who in the world is THAT?" she asked. 

"Well, let me tell you..." I said. And now I'll tell YOU, readers...

I don't know what your situation in life is like right now, but I DO know that if you'd like to read some books that will make your heart all warm and glowy, and make your lips curve into smile upon smile, and truly make you laugh out loud... If that's what's been missing in your life lately, Gervase will cure you in just about 5-minutes-worth of reading... I PROMISE!

This lovely man was a "children's school inspector" in Yorkshire, England, and his rare talent and warmth wash over all of his adventures as he traveled over the Dales to examine each school. The children are honest, soooo honest... well, see for yourselves. You don't have to have been a teacher to appreciate these stories... you don't even have to have children. It would be nice, though, if you could find yourself a comfy chair to curl up in and maybe a "cuppa" to enjoy as you read. The hectic world of this school inspector makes turning the pages and rereading the funny parts pure joy. 

 Below is the list of his first 4 books. Be sure to read them in order, even though I especially like when he meets his own true love! Gervase was on British radio with these stories, and the rights have been bought by televison for a series, too. I think I can honestly promise that you will LOVE these books as much as I do. (I'm calling him "Gervase" as if I know him! Of course, I don't! But after reading even one book, you'll feel like you're old friends!) 

The Other Side of the Dale
Over Hill and Dale
Head Over Heels in the Dale
Up and Down in the Dales

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