Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"When you've got it, you've got it. When you haven't, you begin again. The rest is humbug."  ~ Edouard Manet

Since writing that little incident at university, and since Larry was part of it, I think you ought to meet the real Larry Shineman (rhymes with cinnamon) and see some of his paintings. They are brilliant… beyond anything I could ever do.  

Larry Shineman, Art Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University, has a new showing of his most recent work. "The Art of Larry Shineman" will hang in the Springfield Museum of Art from Sept. 20 - November 23, 2014. He will give a talk about his work there, as well, but I love what they say about him and his work:  "Larry Shineman's work draws upon his childhood in Nebraska, his experiences in New Mexico, and his many years in Ohio. His paintings and drawings are both mysterious and calming, drawing you into his composition." They are very large paintings, by the way, and you can truly get lost in them.

You can see Larry's newest work on his new site:    www.larryshineman.com

Heeeeere's Larry!  Please keep scrolling down to see 5 of Larry's paintings.  Bet you like 'em...

"Shelf with Plants"
"Painting in the Studio"
72" x 66"

"Orchid on a Round Table"

"Robe and Sandals"
72" x 66"

"Kitty in the Room"


  1. He's really good! I liked your life drawing story. I also took several life drawing classes. I liked them, even though I was shy, like you. It was an eye opening experience!

  2. He sure is! He was the best of us all, even though he only ever painted in black, white and grey… He'd add a little brown if he was feeling really wild!